CO2 Laser Marker

Model : CO2 laser marking machine

SpeedMark marking control software

Model : speedmark
● It's simple to complete the parameter setting at a few steps ● It has basic drawing functions , Simple graphics can be used without the extra drawing software

SpeedMark-F Fiber laser marking machine

Model : SpeedMark-F
●All-in-One design of the whole machine, users only need to connect the screen, keyboard, mouse to use, reducing space requirements. ●The engraving head adopts the first German ScanLab scanning galvanometer, which is stable and reliable in quality and high in efficiency. ● Can be used with flight marking, automated marking, and visual identification integration system.

SpeedMark-FI Fiber laser marking machine

Model : SpeedMark-FI
● Superior beam quality ● Ultra-high frequency range - 20 ~ 200KHz ( Optional frequency:0~1000KHz)。