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Laser processing features:

  • For non-contact machining, no tool change and fracture wear.
  • It is a permanent mark, and the engraving effect is exquisite and beautiful, which enhances the product texture.
  • Applicable materials are wide, no material hardness limit.
  • It can be processed directly on curved surfaces and complex shapes.
  • The physicochemical properties of the material can be altered to cause it to change to the desired effect.
  • The laser beam can be processed through a transparent medium to process the workpiece in the closed container (medical industry).
  • High production efficiency and stable and reliable quality.
  • Reduce related consumables and significantly reduce production costs.

Processing range:

Metals: aluminum alloy, flash drive, zinc alloy, bicycle parts, medical equipment, scales, eyeglass frames, musical instruments, steam locomotive parts, drill bits, Palin, mechanical hardware parts, sanitary equipment, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, diamond wheels , anode surface material, sandblasting surface material, etc.

Non-metal: business card, paper carving, wood, nylon, inductive parking card, sticker, syringe, cloth, lamp housing, EVA material, ABS plastic material, battery, AC power supply (AC ADAPTER), cable, crystal Round, leather, glass, mobile phone panels, translucent panels, acrylic, ITO panels, electronic components, car audio panels, instrument panels, buttons, etc.


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