SpeedMark-FI Fiber laser marking machine

● Superior beam quality

● Ultra-high frequency range - 20 ~ 200KHz ( Optional frequency:0~1000KHz)。
Model : SpeedMark-FI

SpeedMark-FI Fiber laser marking machine|Taiwan's most professional laser marking leading brand - Lasersolution Co., Ltd.

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● Superior beam quality.

● Ultra-high frequency range - 20 ~ 200KHz ( Optional frequency:0~1000KHz).

● The whole machine which is all-in-one design , just connect the monitor, keyboard and mouse.

● Light weight , stylish appearance.

● Can be used with Flying Marking, Automation Marking,  system integration with visual device.

● Unique system monitoring design, if an exception occurred can automatically stops the program, the screen displays causes of exceptions,  and send an output to external device.

● Complete I/O design, setting each I/O function of the representatives, and monitoring through linking the signal situation.

● Using the high quality scan head - ScanMate series which is the Scanlab inside scan head.

● Laser marking control software - SpeedMark, provide a complete features with text , circular text, 1D and 2D barcode, serial number, flying marking ..... and to simplify procedures about the related parameter setting , making work more efficient and easier.

● Suitable for surface marking and deep engraving.

● Friendly interface, easy to learn and easy to use, just fill in the relevant parameters to complete the setting , substantially shorten time of training. 


Metal or nonmetal ex:USB, SD card, IC, wafer, button, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, zinc alloy, cell phone, medical equipment, calibration ring, musical instruments, scale, bicycle parts, vehicle parts, translucent panel, medals, ceramics, all kinds of hand tools、PCB、sanitary equipment、lamp shell、power adaptor......and other materials.