CO2 Laser Marker

Model : CO2 laser marking machine

CO2 Laser Marker|Taiwan's most professional laser marking leading brand-Laser Solution Technology Co., Ltd.

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Service content:laser marking machine, laser marking software, laser scan head, laser marking kit, laser components, automatic marking, customized workbench.


● Host is made of stainless steel , The whole machine which is All-in-One Design can be used , that just connect the screen, keyboard and mouse , save space

● Can be used with Flying Marking、Automation Marking、The Integration System Of The Visual Identification

● Engraving head using the galvanometer of the first brand in Germany - ScanLab , Stable and reliable quality , High efficiency

● Complete I/O design , planning each I/O function of the representatives , And the monitor screen in through a unique and instant to understand linking the signal situation , Linked peripheral system more simple and easier

● Design with unique and instant monitoring , If an exception occurred can automatically stops the laser engraving program , The screen displays causes of exceptions , And outputs a signal for external automation mechanism

● Laser marking controller software -- SpeedMark , Provide a complete features with Text , circular text , one-dimensional and two-dimensional bar code , serial number generation , flying marking .... . And to simplify procedures about the related parameter setting , carving work more efficient , easier

● Humanized operation interface for user , easy to learn and easy to use , just fill in the relevant parameters to complete the set , substantially shorten time of educational training


Applications:Food Packaging Industry、PCMA Panel、Acrylic、Crystal Reward、Electronic Components 、IC、PCB、Plastic、Metallic-Membrane Plating、Wood、Stickers、Business Card、Paper Craft、Seal、Leather、Buckle。