Ultra Compact Diode-pumped Laser Marker

Model : Ultra Compact Diode-pumped Laser Marker

Ultra Compact Diode-pumped Laser Marker|台灣最專業的雷射打標領導品牌-沛霖科技有限公司


服務內容:雷射加工, 雷射代工, 雷射打標機, 雷射打標軟體, 雷射雕刻頭, 雷射打標套件, 雷射週邊零組件, 自動打標, 客製化工作台


● Ultra-compact , ultra-light weight

● Stable light source , high reliability

● Low maintenance , low costs of maintenance

● Can be used with automated production lines or the integration system of the visual identification

● More saving power than traditional Lamp Pumped Laser Marker , Without using the Water-Cooling System , Without replacing the Lamp for Laser Maker

● Engraving head using the galvanometer of the first brand in Germany - ScanLab , Stable and reliable quality , High efficiency

● Unique function of adjustment for Laser Energy , With adjustable pulse width , Can be changed the grayscale in the carving's effect

● The maximum pulse frequency is up to 100KHz , Range of applications is widely

● Laser marking controller software -- SpeedMark , Provide a complete features with mapping , one-dimensional and two-dimensional bar code , serial number generation , layout design . And to simplify procedures about the related parameter setting , carving work more efficient , easier

● Complete I/O design , planning each I/O function of the representatives , And the monitor screen in through a unique and instant to understand linking the signal situation

● Humanized operation interface for user , easy to learn and easy to use , just fill in the relevant parameters to complete the set , substantially shorten time of educational training

Applications:Metal or Nonmetal . Ex:All Kinds Of Hand Tools、Vehicle Parts、USB、Bicycle Parts、Drill、Sanitary Equipment、Parts Of Mechanical and Metal、Medical Equipment、IC、Wafer、Scale、Calibration Ring、SD Card、Watch、The Translucent Panel、Audio Panel、Categories Of Button、PCB、ITO Panel、Panel Of Cell Phone、Electronic Parts......and other materials .